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Welcome to Eastern Utah!

This is the home of the Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club. Our club's membership spans from Salt Lake City to the Uinta Basin to Monument Valley and all points in between. Our repeater system is an extensive system covering most of Eastern Utah along with links to other areas within the state and beyond!

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Current News

The SDARC repeaters have been changed to tone encode enabled from tone squelched. If you use the tone squelch function on your radio you will need to change the mode of your radio to only use tone encode only.

Bret Mills (WX7Y) has been awarded the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Ham of the Year Award.

"Congratulations to Bret Mills WX7Y of Castle Dale, Utah, for being awarded the 2013 Rocky Mountain Division Ham of the Year. Twelve superb nominations were received for this year's Division awards.

Bret WX7Y has been licensed for 33 years and was nominated for the Division Ham of the Year award because of his long history of contribution to the amateur radio community, including: his co-organization of the Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club in 1980, serving as its president at least four times; his leadership and assistance with the design and build-out of the Sinbad repeater system, which blankets most of Utah, northern Arizona, and western Colorado.

Bret is always willing to mentor new hams, teaches licensing classes, provides public service communications at events, is active in ARES and RACES, an active Volunteer Examiner, and enjoys using and instructing others about amateur radio's latest innovations.

Congratulations once again!

Brian Mileshosky N5ZGT ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Division

Dwayne Allen WY7FD ARRL Vice-Director, Rocky Mountain Division

The next club meeting is scheduled for June 6th at Castle Cafe in Huntington starting around 6:00 pm.

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QST: There is a weekly VHF net held on the SDARC system and related links including IRLP and Echolink every Tuesday night 20:00 hours local time. All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are invited to join. There is also a weekly HF net at 3.828 MHz Saturday at 8:00 hours local time.

Catch you later in the log. 73!

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